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mediQ is committed to providing high-quality medical/health consulting services and establishing cooperative relationships with various medical and insurance institutions. We sincerely invite brands to become our "Service Providers" to jointly provide customers with higher quality products and services.

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Market Insights

We provide the latest trends and information in the health market, enabling you to gain a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and discover new opportunities, facilitating the formulation of effective product and marketing strategies.

Support Team

Our professional team assists you in setting up product-related issues and providing suitable solutions with our expertise and experience.

Exclusive Page

We provide exclusive pages to display your product information and service features to attract potential customers to know more about your brand.

Distribution Network

We provide multiple distribution channels, including health e-commerce platforms, distributors and cooperative institutions, helping you promote your products and services to a broader market to increase exposure and sales.

Article Writing

We write health-related articles, including product introductions, health information, professional insights, etc., to help you increase your visibility and professional image in the industry, effectively attract target customers and build confidence.


Gain Insight Into Market Opportunities

We study various market trends and conduct in-depth customer needs and consumption patterns analyses. These insights allow us to provide targeted solutions to ensure the continued development of your products and services.


Better User Experience

We optimise the reservation process, provide real-time customer service support, and provide personalised solutions to improve user experience so customers can enjoy extraordinary online shopping fun.


Technology Leads The Way

We use technology and humanised services to provide the best user experience and give full play to the advantages of your products and services so that you can meet the needs of your guests with higher quality and efficiency.


Instantly Seize The Moment

You can instantly obtain key data and manage orders and customer information through our one-stop merchant backend. This allows you to flexibly adjust your products and services to meet your marketing strategies and create results beyond expectations.

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