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Interpersonal Relationship




Speech and Language Ability

Reading Ability

Cognitive Function

Cognitive Ability


Teeth Development

Heritable Atopic Dermatitis

Instructions For Collecting Cheek Cells:

  1. Rinse your mouth with clean water. Please keep the oral clean and moist before collecting samples.
  2. Clearly write in the information on the swab label with NAME, Gender, Date of Birth, and Date of Sampling to facilitate the laboratory check of the personal details.
  3. With clean hands, break the seal on the tube and remove the cap.
  1. Remove the Swab from the tube and vigorously swipe the brush back and forth across the inner lining of your cheek for 60 seconds (Around 20 times). The swiping should be firm but not painful. To ensure that there are enough cheek cells. It is recommended to collect a total of 6 swabs.
  1. Wait for the swab to dry completely (about 5 minutes), then put the swab back into the original tube. Do not replace other caps.
  2. Reattach the cap securely to the tube.





  • Please return the collected sample to our laboratory within 7 days. Expiring samples may affect the test results, and the laboratory will not process them.
  • Samples should be stored at room temperature before returning to our lab.
  • Children under the age of 18 should be supervised by a parent or guardian.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact 22PLUS hotline 2697 1115 if you have any questions.



Features of Talent-PRO


  • Simple Procedure, Safe and Fast—No blood sample. Just oral sampling, even at home. You can take a sample by yourself.
  • Comprehensive Test—This test covers 48 traits, including personality, physique, and talent. It helps parents fully understand their children.
  • Fast—Report results in 15-18 working days.
  • Accurate and Reliable - DNA testing technology with genotyping accuracy of 99%.
  • Professional Quality - The FIRST commercial genetic testing laboratory with NGS equipment in Hong Kong
  • Inherited genes do not change. Do a test once in a lifetime.
  • The genetic counsellor explains the report and provides advice over the phone, free of charge. If you request an in-person explanation, an additional fee of $1250 will be charged for the explanation report.



Genetic tests help your child brighten up in the future

“We believe that every child is unique.”


What are genes?


Genes are the genetic factors inherited from the parents. With the function of encoding instructions, genes can control the synthesis and metabolism of human proteins. Genes play an important role in determining a child's physique, mental and physical health, and potential. If a child's innate talent can be cultivated, his future will definitely be promising.


The development of Talent-PRO


According to the GWAS (Genome-wide association study) in the field of genetic research, unique genotypes and their associated phenotypes can be discovered by identifying DNA variations within the genome. The test could help you to understand the talent, physique and personality of your child. It helps parents establish targeted parenting methods and this lays the foundation for child's development.


“Discover the essence of children and enhance their aptitude”


We believe that teaching children according to their aptitude is the best way to raise a child.


In order to teach effectively, the parents must first know the child’s talents and traits, followed with targeted teaching to stimulate their interest for learning and to build confidence.






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